TIME OF GRACE COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP -    On The Road To Salvation & Eternal Life
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Welcome to our Ministry, Time Of Grace Community Fellowship is a Non-Denominational Ministry, A come as you are church. Where our congregation are Believers in Christ the Supreme being and our Ultimate Creator. Our visitors and members are not judged by the clothes they wear, where they live or their financial status. Judgement  is not ours to pass. Our goal is to teach our brothers and sisters of the world the word of GOD and lead them each to their own personal relationship with our LORD JESUS.

COME ONE COME ALL!!  As we celebrate the Birth, Life, and Resurrection of our Lord JESUS!                  

  OUR GOAL:   Is to provide love and encouragement to our seniors and disabled persons in area nursing facilities as well as to monitor their care and to ensure they are not abused in anyway. 
   Also to reach-out to our youth to direct them to, and keep them on the right path. 

 YOU TOO  CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!  We need your support! 
    Please in 2014 put us on your list of places to receive your support   $10.00 a week, from us all would  make a huge difference in our community!! 
    If you truly cannot  afford ten dollars a week  how bout maybe 10 or 20 a month?        

   Surely when we think about it so many of us have so much more than others and collectively with YOUR  help we can make a difference by your becoming a TIME OF GRACE COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP  SUPPORTER!!      Please Join our Team!!


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